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Tozan (lit: climbing a mountain) is the practice of making a pilgrimage to the Head Temple Taisekiji, located at the foot of magnificent Mt. Fuji in Japan. The Dai-Gohonzon, the fundamental object of worship, from which all other Gohonzons are transcribed by the successive High Priests, has been enshrined and protected since the time of the Daishonin. It is the most essential part of our Buddhist practice to have an audience with the Dai-Gohonzon to pray for the eradication of our negative karma and for true world peace called Kosen-rufu. 


Below is the list of our annual Hokaiji group Tozan schedule. Personal Tozan schedule is also available for download from the link below. For those members who wish to make a pilgrimage to the Head Temple, please first contact Hokaiji Temple.

Personal Tozan Schedule


[2020 Personal Tozan schedule]

April 5th - 8th

Omushibarai-e Tozan

(The Grand Ceremony of the Airing of the Sacred Treasures)

[Application closed]

September 17th - 20

Kanshi-e Tozan

[Application closed]

October 2nd - 5th

Summer Study Tozan

[Application closed]

November 19th - 22nd

Oeshiki Tozan

(The Celebration of the Eternal

 Life of Nichiren Daishonin)

[Application closed]

​― Introduction Videos of the Head Temple Taisekiji ―

総本山の初夏 2020

​総本山の桜 2020

総本山の新緑 2020

Upcoming Hokaiji Group Tozan Schedule

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